ground rules

What are the medical mission rules and what would happen if I don’t follow them?

  1. Observe schedules – always be on time – follow  your team leader’s instructions.

  2. Always wear your name tag while attending mission activities.  Long pants are obligatory for females during clinic.

  3. Notify  your team leader 1 day ahead if you need to be excused from scheduled activities for a good reason.  Management is not responsible for you beyond medical mission scheduled activities.

  4. Always be cheerful, polite, friendly, and helpful.  Bad manners, language or  fighting/quarreling are not tolerated.

  5. Alcohol and other illegal substances are prohibited.

  6. Do not enter the hotel room belonging to a volunteer of the opposite gender after curfew.

  7. No driving , riding or even sitting on motorcycles.

  8. Do not bring people into the program without approval from management.

  9. Non married couple under 25 years old are in student teams and will not be assigned the same hotel room.

  10. You must stay in your assigned hotel room through the whole mission.  You must inform management if you stay with your family.

  11. You must travel on your team assigned bus, a team W volunteer cannot travel in the student team bus and vice versa.

  • Mission rules are strictly enforced

  • Team W members will be on patrol duty with a breath analyzer every night

  • A first violation will land your name in the BLACK BOOK

    • this will result in an individual or team penalty

  • A second violation in the BLACK BOOK will lead to an immediate expulsion from the medical mission with the volunteer sent home on the next available flight

  • Even if the second violation occurs on the last day, an expulsion will be on your record which would disqualify you from a Letter of Recommendation

    –per our larger than life Medical Mission Director, Dr Anh Ho


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