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How do I go about using a cell phone in Vietnam?

Here a some suggested guidelines for the mobifone

Unlock your cell phone before your departure

Download Viber app on your phone and ask your significant others to do the same.  You can communicate via Viber for free wherever there is WIFI, this will save you a lot of money!

If both you and your family are on facebook, you can make free call via messenger also.

When you arrive in Vietnam, we usually ask a sale person to come to the hotel and sell you the tourist sims cards and a cheap Vietnam phone (if you want one)

The sims card will give you a Vietnam mobile phone number, unlimited data for 30 days, 30 min of international call for 250,000 VND

Remove your US sims card and insert your Vietnam sims card in your phone

Whenever you use your VN mobile phone number to talk, the money or minutes on your account will go down, when it reaches the minimum level, you won’t be able to make any calls at all.

You can check to see how much money you have left in your account, by dialing *101#

A message will appear on your screen to let you know how much money you have left and the date your sims card will expire

If your phone runs out of money, you can “top up” your phone by buying a so called “scratch card” which has actual “minutes” on it

Scratch off the number in the back

Dial *100*, the top up number in the back of the card, the phone will now be reloaded with the amount of money you pay for the “scratch card”

THAT’S IT, now you can use the cell phone service in Vietnam!

More information can be found on the following link:



Important phone numbers

Le Duy Grand Hotel: 028 3930 3089

Emergency Rescue 112

Police 113

Fire 114

Ambulance 115

Support for children 1800 1567

Information directory in English (in Saigon): 028 1080

Dr Nguyet Ho

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